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firmus energy Meet 4. Provisional Results

firmus 4 June 18th. 2015

Any mistakes/ammendments/corrections; please e-mail

firmus energy Super 6. Meet 3. May 28th. 2015 Results !


Photos from firmus energy super 6 meet 1 on flickr

As some of you may know we hire professional photographers (Bob Given Photography) to attend our meetings and we think you’ll agree, here are some super shots from the first meeting on Thursday 16th April. See link:

The flickr album belongs to our club President, John Glover, and is permanently linked on the bottom right corner of our home page, so you can check out when the next lot are on – soon hopefully!

Let us know what you think.

Results for Firmus Energy Super 6 Meet 2 (Thursday 30th April)

Please see final results from last Thursday’s meeting. Apologies for the delay, hopefully these are all up to speed now.
See you on 28th!firmus meet 2 final results Publish

Results for Firmus Energy Super 6 Meet 1 (Thurs 16th April)

Here are the final results for last Thursday (16th) night’s meet.
Thanks and see you all next Thursday 30th!Firmus super 6 final results meet 1 2015

Firmus Energy Super 6 – Thursday 16th April

To all of you who were at the Mary Peters track this evening for our first Firmus Energy Super 6 meet of the season, whether participating, spectating, facilitating, or even if you were here under duress (!), we thank you for your support.
A great night’s athletics and we appreciate your patience regarding the late finish – we had a record turnout so lots to get through! Results will be posted as soon as possible.

Lost property:
There are 3 pieces of clothing that were left in separate places at the end of the night – tracksuit bottoms, jacket, t-shirt – drop us a line at or on our Lagan Valley AC Facebook page if you think these might be yours.

Opportunity to give something back to the club…?

With ever-increasing numbers of new enquiries from young athletes wishing to join our club, our coaches are under pressure and unfortunately having to turn some away.  We would appeal to anyone involved with the club to consider helping out in a coaching capacity. Whether you are a qualified coach already, current or past member, parent (or grandparent/other relative!) of an athlete, or a friend of the club, please get in touch if you feel there is any way you could assist, particularly with our junior members.  While this is ultimately a time commitment, it is a very rewarding one, as any present coach will vouch for!  The club will, of course, pay for any coaching courses undertaken for this purpose.

This is your opportunity to give something back!

Our prize winners at club AGM on Wed 5th Nov.

Well done guys and gals!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Amended Results of firmus Super 5, Meet 5, Thurs 28th Aug 2014

Amended Copy of FIRMUS SUPER FIVE 2014 (Five)

Amended results, however we are aware there still seems to be an issue with the results of the mini girls 600m. Apologies, we are trying to correct this!600m MG Corrected Meet5 Aug28

Apologies for the delay – see updated result of mini girls 600m from our last Super 5 meet on 28th August! There was an issue with the results printed where the first page was missing. Only possible query now is with position no. 6, where the number recorded was actually a mini boys, but we think it was mistaken and that 51 may be correct. Please comment if not!

firmus energy Super 5 meet 5

Thanks so much to all athletes, parents/guardians, supporters, drivers, coaches, officials (judges, starters, marks’men’, measurers, timekeepers, recorders), announcers, photo finishers, inputters, caterers, organisers, sponsors and helpers in any way, for your presence at the last of this season’s firmus energy Super 5 at the Mary Peters track. It was late but we got there and with all your help / input. let’s make it even better next year.
Some fantastic performances and great competition!

Results to follow as soon as can be done!



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