Lagan Valley Athletics Club

an athletics club situated in Belfast

Firmus Energy Super 6

LAGAN VALLEY Firmus (energy) SUPER 5 or SUPER 6!

Throughout its history Lagan Valley has been at the forefront of providing competition for athletes of all ages with an emphasis on the young and developing athlete.
The core idea of the “Super 5″ series has been to encourage young athletes to ‘have a go’ at a variety of events while also providing high level competition for the more experienced senior athlete.
There is no requirement to be part of a club in order to participate in these events.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the popular Lagan Valley series, we trialled an extra date, bringing the total to 6 throughout the season.




The age qualification date will again be  the UKA date which was used
for the first twelve years, which is midnight 31st August / 1st September in year of competition. This means for each age group, the athlete must be actually UNDER 13 /15 / 17 on this date to qualify for that age group. For the minis age group, athletes must be minimum age 8 years old on day of competition, and U11 on 31st August in year of competition.

While the Lagan Valley Thursday meetings as a ‘Best of Belfast’ promotion in 1991 their origins can be traced back
to AAA Five Star meetings held on the old cinder track at Shaws Bridge in the 1970s.   Since that time Thursday night at the Mary peters Track has become synonymous with top class athletics.

Over the years these meetings
have been the launching pad for many international athletes including medallists at
major Games. Names such as Vicki Jamison, Kelly McNeice, Kerry O’Flaherty (now
Harty) Eva Massey and Gareth Turnbull in athletics have been joined by names
who subsequently flourished in other sports such as Aaron Hughes (Soccer) and
Andrew Maxwell and Amy Davis (Rugby). Paralympic Champion Michael McKillop and  IPC World
Championships medallist  Sally Brown have competed in the meetings in
recent years. There is little doubt that this year we will see at least one new name who
will become a star in the future.


  1. Seamus Mc Granaghan

    Always a great series of meets, when will the timetable/list of events be uploaded?

    • Hi Seamus, the events for first meet are under fixture list on ANI website, we are just getting there with this website! but here is a wee note:
      80/100 Minis/ U13/ U15 / U17/ Snr
      1000/1500 Minis/ U13/ U15 / U17/ Snr
      HJ U13
      LJ Minis/ U15 / U17/ Snr
      SHOT U13/ U17/ Snr


  2. Colin Mccluskey son is 12 & would be interested in trying the meet 2… he is unattached but his done numerous races. . Do I have to register him or can we just come along? If so what time do the events start? Thanks.

    • Hi there Colin, athletes can register on the night and events start at 7pm.
      Thanks, Catriona

  3. eamonn christie

    What if any are the senior events for the meet on the 30th Thanks Eamonn

    • Eamonn,
      Details of events are all up on ANI website…seniors have sprint hurdles, 400m, 3k, HJ and LJ.

      • Eamon,
        Please note most recent post on website. There will be no long Jump for U17/seniors.

  4. Power NI Super 5 Meet 3

    Mary Peters Track, Belfast

    30 May 2013

    Events Age Categories

    Sprint Hurdles Minis / U13 /U15/ U17/ Snr
    300/400 Minis / U17 / Snr
    3000 U15 / U17 / Snr
    HJ U13 / U17 / Snr
    LJ U17 / Snr
    SHOT U15

  5. athletesmum

    Hi, Can you confirm whether or not there is LJ for Under 17s on the 30th May? The program I had printed says not but your list above says yes. Thank you.

    Also, do you think it would be useful for you to print and laminate a few A4 pages with the age categories and qualification dates in large print and post them around the place as folks always seem confused as to which category their kids are in? Especially as they differ from our own school age groups for kids with summer birthdays.

    Thanks again.

    • To Athletesmum,
      Please view most recent post on website regarding long jump.
      Thank you for your suggestion re age groups. Will do!

  6. Conán McCaughey

    Hi great event last night! Just wondering if the results for the u17/senior 3000m have been published? On the Athletics Ni website only the mini/u15 results are given. Thanks

    • Results now on LV website. U17 High Jump wil be added later !

      • Conán McCaughey

        Will the u17/senior 3000m results be added later as well? Still can’t find them… Thanks!

  7. Lucia

    Wa time is the100 meters on at??

    • Sprints will start at 19:00. Starting with youngest age group.
      Timetable will be published later today !

    • Timetable now up !

  8. Lucia

    Thank u!

  9. Martina Reynolds

    How can I register for some of the events tonight 15th Aug please?

    • Apologies, we’re all so busy with other stuff, don’t always get on here regularly enough…

      hope you popped along anyway and enjoyed it, even in the rain!


  10. Cian Mcdonald

    When will u results be up

    • Hi Cian,
      Provisional results up now,

  11. Paul

    Hi folks, could you confirm the hurdle spec. for the U15 girls 75mh for your May 28th meet, thanks.

    • Hi Paul, I’m assuming it will be the standard spec for the age group. Will check with the meet director and let you know. Thanks.

  12. Anne Maguire

    Hi Brian. Why are there no mini events in June?

    • Hi Anne,
      Sorry for the delay in response! As we are having 6 meets instead of 5 this time, we decided to have a night focussing on U13 and upwards and allows us to do some other things not normally possible when fitting in the minis events too – which are always very busy!
      Hope this helps,

  13. G. Thompson

    Hi I was hoping some light could be shed on why mini child races events are on so late in the evening when children have school the following day. When events run envariably late then primary school children are participating in an event/race as late as 10pm. In the summer events this isn’t an issue. However I urge you to look again at the times school children are participating when seniors and teenagers are eventing earlier in the evening. I realise you are trying to keep similar events together however there must be a better way to have the smaller ones first. My child loves these events and we would love to continue with them. However with important exams forthcoming and siblings, it is becoming unattainable.

    Thanks for your consideration in advance.


  1. Lagan Valley Super 5 | 3 Ways A.C.

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